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Ways 2 Apply

To Apply for the Jobs:
Most of the job postings which are collected across the net/agencies/partners/recruiters in the world have been posted. These job postings ofcourse are taken care to have atleast some contact details to send your resume.

In some cases, the clients' do not wish to give their contact details open, so the only option you have is to send the resume to me at - raj.rec2rec (at) I will forward the resume for you.

Quick things to remember:
1) Unless you mentoin, the job opening you are applying for i cannot forward the resume to the concerned recruiter
2) Unless the subject and the detailed matter is not there intending your core competencies why you are targeting that job, i cannot forward the resume. ( No offense, i get hundreds of resumes everyday, and pathetically most of them i should say around 90% of them think that they are doing me a favor by pushing one loosy mail with just some undetailed information, which i hate most)
3) Please include your CV, cover letter and if possible some details like current CTC, expected CTC, availability, etc.

Good luck then...